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Friday’s feelings: check out our highlights! Special session: SERIE A

– ERIKA FASANA (Brixia): she was the real Queen of the first competition of serie A. She led the team to the top step of the podium, she won the AA (57.150), she got the best score on VT 15.100 (nice DTY), on UB 14.500 and the best score on FX 14.700 (with her simplified routine).

– VANESSA FERRARI (Brixia): she helped the team, as always. Good competition, no mistakes (2nd place on AA). She showed her simplified routine. Her mind is focused to the next international meetings.

– TEA UGRIN (Artistica 81 Trieste): after surgery and about nine months of recovery our 2013 national champion is back! Her team finished second.

– ENUS MARIANI (Pro Lissone): after the Abierto Mexicano, she’s come back to compete as an all arounder (she finished third). Nice on UB (14.500) and exciting, as always, on floor (13.800).

– CARLOTTA FERLITO (GAL): after one year of absence she’s finally back in serie A! Carlotta did a good job in Ancona, she’s got the best score on BB (14.350), she added the tsukahara and the triple twisting on FX (new choreo), she added the Maloney on UB and she has again the 1 1/2 yurchenko on VT.

– MARTINA RIZZELLI (Brixia): she showed her new routine on UB, she missed a connection and fell, but her routine is the most difficult routine of the day (D 6.0)! Nice VT (DTY 14.700) and FX (14.450).

– SERENA LICCHETTA (Robur et Virtus): after four knee surgery she’s back! It was exciting to see her again in the field of play, she did a good competition, congrats. Do you remember the year when she did the UB world final?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3dnrNg3vmLM

– ANDREA CINGOLANI (Virtus Pasqualetti): he was the best gymnast in Ancona. He’s got 14.800 on FX (new routine), 14.850 on rings and 14.800 on VT!

– MATTEO MORANDI (Ginnastica Pro Carate): after injury, he’s ready to compete again… our “dog” did a good 14.900 on rings.

Congrats guys, see you in Milan for the second competition of serie A!

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