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Parliamo del 2014 con il DTNF Enrico Casella

Il 2014 è ormai entrato nelle nostre vite e cogliamo l’occasione di parlarne con chi, più di ogni altra persona, può spiegarci attese e programmi per la stagione sportiva. Abbiamo incontrato il Direttore Tecnico Nazionale Femminile Ing. Enrico Casella che ci ha raccontato il “suo” 2014.
Gli appuntamenti sono tanti: dagli Europei a Sofia nel mese di maggio ai Mondiali in Cina, passando per gli eventi per le juniores, un anno pieno di importanti date da ricordare.
A voi la nostra intervista, e un ringraziamento a DTNF Enrico Casella per l’importante contributo che ci ha fornito.

Per i nostri lettori stranieri riportiamo qui sotto il testo tradotto in inglese. Si ringrazia Caterina per la traduzione.

Let’s see what to expect in this 2014. The first important competition is the European Championship hosted in Sofia (Bulgary) both for juniors and senior athletes. As far as the junior category (for athletes born in 1999 and 2000) is concerned we have a little bit of difficulty because we don’t have so many gymnasts up to the level requested. The team can rely at the moment on the two ‘favourites’ Pilar Rubagotti (2000) and Sofia Busato (2000) and then we have 5-6 girls that are going to work to conquer a place in the team. The formula of the competition is 5-5-3 because the best gymnasts born in 1999 can be selected to participate in the YOG competition (China) in August. In the other hand we have quite a big group of seniors that should be sufficient to create a little bit more competition between the gymnasts.

In the second part of the season will take place the world championship (in China as well) that is the first qualifying event for Rio 2016. We think that there won’t be any problems for the Italian team to qualify within the first 24 teams. The Junior Mediterranean Games will take place in Ragusa (Sicily, Italy) and a couple of gymnasts are representing every nation.

So, what do we expect? We hope that all our athletes will be safe and if Vanessa Ferrari keeps working I think we should pay attention to her routines, mostly the allaround, the beam and of course the floor exercise. The other gymnasts are trying to increase the value of the D note (Difficulty) because the international level is becoming higher and higher so it’s important to keep up the D note without losing points in the E note (Execution). Vanessa is at the moment the only gymnast that could win a medal but we’ll wait and see what the others can do during the summer preparation. The whole senior team is composed by: Ferlito, Campana, Gandolfi (1995) Deagostini, Fasana (1996) Meneghini, Leolini (1997) Ugrin, Mori, Rizzelli, Terlenghi, Marongiu, Morera, Bonistalli (1998). I mentioned these gymnasts but others can be included during the year even if at the moment they should face a very tough team and it’s not very easy!

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